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SlapShot USA LLC is dedicated to creating high performance ammunition. SlapShot USA LLC designers are focused on high tech materials that enable us to push established boundaries of performance. Sign up to receive updates on SlapShot USA LLC's first release of home and personal defense ammunition.

Shipping Info

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If you have a question about when your order shipped, or if you need a copy of your tracking number, please email and we will reply as soon as possible.

SlapShot USA LLC uses FedEx, UPS and USPS for ground shipping. Rates for shipping are set by the carrier and include handling fees added by SlapShot USA LLC. Once an order has shipped, the customer has full responsibility to track and arrange for delivery of the package, to include required signatures by persons of appropriate age as required by law. 

We cannot ship ammunition to PO boxes, a street address is required. 

We do not ship outside the continental United States. We do ship to Alaska and Hawaii.

We cannot ship to MA, Washington DC, Chicago or New York City. 

We cannot ship to San Francisco, Oakland, Sacramento or Los Angeles. There are new laws being passed all the time, so we advise checking your local laws to make sure it is legal for ammunition to be shipped to your address. 

ALL IL and NJ customers must have proper firearms identification and provide documentation via email/fax before their order can be shipped.


DISCLAIMER: By registering with SlapShot USA LLC, you confirm that you are of appropriate age to purchase ammunition and there are no local, state or federal laws prohibiting you from purchasing, receiving or owning ammunition. Please read Terms and Conditions for additional information related to your purchase.