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SlapShot USA LLC is dedicated to creating high performance ammunition. SlapShot USA LLC designers are focused on high tech materials that enable us to push established boundaries of performance. Sign up to receive updates on SlapShot USA LLC's first release of home and personal defense ammunition.

Lead Free Shotgun Ammunition for Personal Defense and Hunting


Sporting and Defense Ammunition


Lead Free Shotgun Ammunition for Personal Defense and Hunting


SlapShot USA, LLC is preparing for our 2018 product launch. The nontoxic ammunition* is designed to be used in smooth bore and fully rifled 12 and 20 gauge shotguns. Slugs are based on the patent pending Mechanically Adaptable Projectile. The MAP projectiles are optimized for fully rifled shotguns, but can be adapted for smooth bore. Products produced for home defense, police and military are precision high velocity (2500 to 4000 FPS) ammunition. The line of hunting shells meets State of California lead free standards. 

Non-Toxic Ammunition

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* SlapShot USA's projectiles are lead free, but commercially available primers may contain lead and users should take precautions when using commercially available primers.