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SlapShot USA LLC is dedicated to creating high performance ammunition. SlapShot USA LLC designers are focused on high tech materials that enable us to push established boundaries of performance. Sign up to receive updates on SlapShot USA LLC's first release of home and personal defense ammunition.

SlapShot Precision Home Defense Ammunition


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SlapShot Precision Home Defense Ammunition


Designers at Technical Enterprise Innovation Group have combined the knowledge, experience and skills of law enforcement, military, scientists and technicians to develop a new evolution  of high performance projectiles. The phased development of their MAPX project will first introduce 12 gauge ammunition featuring their patent pending technology. The first evolution of the MAPX project is precision home defense ammunition designed to be fired from fully rifled shotgun barrels. Experimental 12 gauge slugs were fired through rifled shotguns at velocities as high as 4200 FPS. 

SlapShot will be offering for sale to the public its first contribution to home and personal defense. The SlapShot PHD and SlapShot PPD 12 Gauge Ammunition will offer 2500+ FPS 12 gauge ammunition that will perform within SAAMI recommended standards. The slug ammunition is optimized for use in fully rifled shotguns, but the buck shot ammunition can be used in either smooth bore or rifled shotguns. Whether shooting their buckshot ammunition or slug ammunition SlapShot promises a powerful, fast moving shot that is non toxic and will meet lead free standards. Currently SlapShot has experimental ammunition in 12 gauge, 20 gauge, .50 caliber and .45 caliber. New capabilities and performance will be introduced to the market as the MAPX project evolves.

Future Plans

The MAPX project, or Mechanically Adaptable Projectile project, combines high tech non toxic materials, precision manufacturing, and science to create projectiles that can be fine tuned to meet mission requirements. Current experimental ammunition is capable of being adapted in the field, altering terminal ballistics. As part of our goal to have a presence in the United States Army's Force 2025 and Beyond we will be creating mission adaptable small arms munitions that will help our war-fighters and law enforcement hit harder and adapt to changing mission profiles.